Security has become one of the major concerns in the 21st century.

The evolution in science and technology, human migration, cultural infusion has for instance led to emergence of new crimes that are sophisticated in occurrence and speed globally.

Crimes such as terrorism, cyber crime, burglary and theft among others have taken a completely new dimension thereby becoming a major security concern.

Effective management of these crimes therefore requires a complete paradigm shift in how we approach security. This program therefore intends to provide security guards with knowledge and skills necessary to manage some of the emerging security threats and concerns

The supervisor is the senior member of the field team. S/he is responsible for the well being of junior security team members as well as the completion of the assignment workload and the maintenance of updated report.

The supervisor receives his/her assignments from and reports to the administration:

Personal supervision and management skills, Security personnel selection


A security guards’ role is to maintain order at a set location and provide a visible, prominent and reassuring presence to a company’s employees and members of the public.

They can be employed and based in any location where there is a need for a secure atmosphere and environment.

Being a security guard is a job that goes from extremes. For most of the time it can be pretty boring but for short periods it can also be very dangerous, exhilarating and exciting.

This security guard training course will offer structured and recognized courses that will help prepare them play the role and responsibilities of being a guard.


Most of the key learning objectives are:

  • Recognizing risks associated with contemporary terrorism including an in-depth understanding of contemporary terrorist operations.
  • Identifying general security requirements essential to reducing terrorism related risk
  • Assessing facility risks and utilizing risk management principles in anti-terrorism planning

Implementing Operations Security (OPSEC) and protective counter intelligence principles to impair terrorists’ ability to gather target intelligence

First Aid

We guide learners how to covers a wide range of information that help in responding appropriately in a first aid or medical emergency.

Casualty management including issues that relate to assessment of the casualty.

Also includes topics that are important to understand in the first critical moments at the emergency scene.

Fire Safety Course

  • Introduction to fire safety
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Emergency managers
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Practical use of fire equipment

Physical fitness for security officers

  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Endurance Training
  • Physical Performance Standards
  • Medical Standards
  • Physical Fitness Assessments